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Choosing pilot hole size for a porch swing

Now about the most difficult — installation of doors of a sliding wardrobe. Not to be mistaken with a size, it is better to buy them after assembly of a framework. Can watch video about assembly of a mirror door from profiles:

When modeling internal shelves not to do without your soulmate, differently then it is necessary to remake everything. Modeling — one of the most important stages which should light a separate subject therefore our project of a sliding wardrobe with the sizes is now only shortly representable.

As a result at us 2 big offices for hangers where all outerwear, shirts, dresses etc. will be located turned out. Further 1 big shelf on the one hand, and other party is divided into 3 small compartments. Higher one wide shelf which at a wall shares on 3 narrow compartments turned out. And in the top there is a shelf for unnecessary things. Everything is shown one photo below.

Creating regiments, we will use usual boards of LDSP of light color. For their fastening we will use metal corners and self-tapping screws.

If the empty seat is not limited, choose the size of a case by the rule of a golden ratio by which the ratio of height and length has to make 1,62.

As for height of doors, it is important to consider height of a lining and castors.

Thus, if your ceiling 2,5 m high, optimum is to choose length of a case of 154 cm (250/1.62=154,3). Depth of standard furniture details usually makes 60 cm, more it does not need to be done, differently will inconveniently get distant things from the top shelves. Also consider that all internal details at least on 10 cm have to be already, because of width of doors.

This scheme of a sliding wardrobe is made for its creation in the storeroom in the presence of a beam above. Therefore mirror doors will go not to a ceiling.

Finally to understand how to collect a sliding wardrobe the hands, video the lesson will tell you all subtleties at installation:

Before collecting a sliding wardrobe, it is necessary to decide on its drawing and location finally. Here all individually, and concrete councils cannot be, simply find a good place for a case. It can be the storeroom, a niche in a wall or simply a corner in the room.