5 Tools To Build A Free Standing Mirror

Woodworking ideas for absolute beginners

Can become the best small territory furniture as capacious and thus occupies a place minimum. All design consists of two separate shops. Step-by-step instruction on its production is as follows:

The bricklaying looks esthetically and does not need additional finishing.

Assembly of such design will require a board with a section of 15040 mm, and also 12 concrete plates with such characteristics:

Logs are considered as one of the most available materials – they can be sawed simply in the next wood from dead wood or a dead wood, and after to use for production of benches of different types.

To collect this primitive shop, it is necessary to work in the following sequence:

The finished product can be processed habitually or it is simple to fit an oilcloth and to beat it the stapler. Under an oilcloth it is possible to put foam rubber or other soft material to receive a shop with a soft seat.

On a seat it is recommended to throw couple of matrasik of the corresponding size. They can be made of foam rubber, having fitted it furniture fabric or raincoat fabric.

As to make a full-function bench of scraps, learn from video below:

For production idle time of a bench is required only 2 pallets from a tree. The first will be used as a back and a seat, and we will sort the second on boards of which legs and struts will be made further.

All wooden elements need to be processed an anti-septic tank to prevent rotting of this building material.

If a shop it is planned to put on paved a stone and the concreted surface, under it it is necessary to make the cement base. If she settles down on the soft earth, it is enough to make the column base.

It is a shop for a garden 47 cm high and 140 cm long. For its assembly it is necessary to adhere to the following sequence:

Also you can examine technology of production of a bench from a pallet, having watched the following video:

If a wooden shop it is planned to make without back, it is possible to experiment both her legs, and a seat. We will consider various options of such self-made design further.