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— If you in the head had a mind, so you would lock a chest better and are more often itself in it glanced. The head would not fall down.

Ransacking in the Noble house as in own, in all affairs the head and the leader, once, examining antiquities and touching state stuff, whether there is no that valuable here, Jonah vospriyat solved easy and pleasant burden of archeology.

From the very first days office he found directly supernatural efficiency and speed performed by.

— Give me, the brother, that — and will bury a hand in air.

And in three days future direction of future our sight was defined: An ion entered under the close arches of Nobility nobility assemly.

head. Tomorrow I go to the leader Fantikov, he will make for you room — though nuzhnik to clean.

— Serve, study, in a month you will earn a salary — the leader told and addressing to the clerk, added: — and you, Mitryay, look after it in both: guy painfully oster.

So Ionina service — a root of its vseizvestnost began.

And and really, on such mind and an izvorot tailless than not the bishop?

Strukhnul the governor, remembered resort talk — the well-known iskopayemost in a lisichy fur coat and late. What to speak: neither it, nor officials do not know anything about antiquities! Went with bow to the bishop.

— To feed I you, the bastard, gift I will not be — the archpriest told, at last — and you will dishonor my gray-haired

The leader gave it there accompanied with the archpriest.

And there were these things and in such quantity nevmestimy, on circumstances, anybody unforeseen and menacing.

Yes that put and came to an end as it is necessary, i.e. came to an end for the time being, Jonah was not yet.

— I obey, the father your excellency, will not desire to worry.

— Filofey Mironych — the archpriest begged — be the father, hit him into my head. Mozhe, as will leave.

— Do not worry, the father, we will grind - with — the old man, mature in the affairs taught a louse office answered.

— Because I am proud in bishops. Mournfully the archpriest shook a beard.