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Where to make an outdoor sofa

The bench is made of pine boards 1×4. Use of rot-resistant wood, such as a cedar or a tic, will exceed more than twice the cost of timber. Not so expensive pine boards, but it is necessary to pay attention to quality to collect sections without knots for visible parts of a bench. It is possible to use the remains of levels (G) which form a floor in a design. The soft seat and panels are cut out from one sheet of plywood of a grade of BC 3/8 inch thick.

If it is supposed to make a bench figurative, it will be used proceeding from your requirements.

At first sight, this bench can look as the difficult project. But look narrowly, and will understand that it is simpler than a design simply does not happen. It only a box from four frames with legs. Panels which fasten on frames, represent the plywood upholstered with waterproof fabric.

If you can find some boards which you need to cut previously in a workshop, even the saw most likely is not required. Begin assembly of a bench on an equal surface. Can drive parts into the corner that they were well leveled. Be convinced that screws not too long and will not pass through boards. Fix details, as shown in pictures, that's all.

It is the simple and cheap project if you can get pallets free of charge, independently sort and saw on the necessary details then, the shop in general will cost nothing to you. Though yes, nails, paint, but we will not waste time on trifles.

Here it is shown how to make a simple, attractive bench of pallets for your yard, a garden, an arbor etc. Pick up the pallet with strong color scale and force it to shine.

Creation of a similar bench requires 3 – 4 wooden pallets.

The main criterion for a choice of a suitable place is existence of the landscape disposing to rest, it can be:

The seat covering foam and fabric is that the beginner can make even. If necessary, you can easily change the bench sizes for the requirements; to choose fabric that it was in harmony with other garden furniture; to paint a tree according to your terrace or that color approached design of your house.

Look at five pictures how to make a simple wooden shop of boards.