5 Places To Make Accurate Jigsaw Cuts In Wood

100 wood pallet ideas for beginner woodworkers

From metal details it is necessary to remove a rust. Serious defects of wood close hard putty

Attention. Process of aging of wood is followed by a large number of waste of wooden shaving and dust.

It is possible to learn about a method of aging of wood in more detail, having watched video on YouTube.

After processing, the surface is painted by acrylic paint in some layers, each of which has to dry well.

The varnished layer needs to be smoothed out in two stages, using a skin of different granularity

The furniture accessories, fine details, and also rack frame are painted acrylic paint of a gold shade.

After carrying out grinding works, the received wood is processed color wood stain, wait for its full drying, and then opened with a varnish.

Accurately we disperse paint, avoiding stains and smudges

At first all case is painted in primary colors. That borders left accurate, use a painting adhesive tape

It will be interesting to use the special varnish possessing properties to a krakla at a covering of dekupazhirovanny facades of furniture.

It is better for surface to vacuum at first, and then to wipe a rag with the degreasing structure

The case from wood-shaving plates usually has the laminated surface. Before a pokleyka of wall-paper the laminated layer needs to be removed completely. This process is very labor-consuming therefore it is better to use a dekupazhny film.