5 Places To Make A Basic Box

7 tips for under $75

The chipboard is applied to production of a bed. In this case the kromleniye is applied. Edges are processed and pasted on saw cuts.

Instead of a tree it is possible to use a chipboard. Boards before installation are maintained week at the room temperature. It will prevent a material rassykhaniye.

Of course, the children's furniture costs expensive and not always it is made only of harmless ecological materials. Therefore to be sure completely of all fabrication stages of a crib, it is necessary to watch it, and it is better — to make!

If to follow the instruction and to choose qualitative material, it is possible to make an ergonomic and beautiful bunk bed. This set will become decoration of any interior.

If you never took tools in hand, such design can not create from the first, but in general it is simple. However it is better to be trained on simpler designs in the beginning: for example, to make a children's little table the hands.

It is not recommended to cut material indoors. A bed from a chipboard steadier in comparison with a tree as has bigger weight.

Before installation works it is worth calculating the exact size. Dimensions of a bed are selected more berth on 8 cm in length and on 10 cm in width. The ladder will increase the bed size.

If the bunk children's bed with a table is planned, the arrangement of a working zone is thought over.

If to production it is applied laminated by a chipboard, it will not be required to carry out grinding and alignment. The edge is processed and glued. Similar material is characterized by wear resistance and durability.

It is necessary to check product bottom durability. Material for mattresses has to be safe and natural.

Important qualities of any bunk bed — eco-friendly production, a safe and steady design and attractive design. Children can offer you a coloring and even together to choose materials, so you accustom them to the value of self-made things.

Height of circles miscalculates taking into account height of a ceiling and thickness of mattresses. At a rising from the lower place of people should not fight the head about the second circle.

The furniture is zashkurivat and cover with a brilliant varnish. Edges are closed up by a plastic edge and a thermotape.