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Today we will give to you some advice on the fact that we consider really important in photography of landscapes.

The real good shot is easy to be passed if to forget to look back, to look back. One photographer told how he photographed the lake Wanaka in New Zealand. This lake by right is considered one of the most beautiful lakes in the world. When twilight falls, the sun is behind the mountain on one of its coast, and on willows on other its coast the border of light and shade accurately appears. A look at this moment to a byvata the simply bewitching. And so, the photographer decided that the lake and a decline do not stand its attention behind him, went to the car, and wanted already was to leave. But turned back back and saw this unusual picture.

Accustom themselves to watch a weather forecast. If you live in latitudes where rather cold nights and almost always a clear sky, good luck can smile to you, and you will catch in the lens a fine easy cloudlet of steam with such effect which by then when the whole world wakes up, already disappear.

Ensel Adams said that the photographer through a landscape has to find a speech power. With a landscape it is necessary to find a common language. If the author is not able to take pictures of it, the audience in his pictures will understand nothing. And often the photographer simply flounders, he sometimes has nothing to report to other people, except as beauty of the nature which is already obvious.

Sometimes a lot of time is required to understand that the landscape allocates with its own voice light. Light creates in an emotion landscape. Our planet acts as if as a huge canvas here, and on this canvas light creates a difficult and refined picture.

Not all photographers are admirers of the software or the HRD methods. All this usually gives out itself, and at once start feeling that integrity of a shot collapses. Of course, many pictures, even, perhaps, the majority of them, can be exposed to insignificant computer processing. Often it is really good way to make the photographic image better all because of the same dynamic range.