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For appearance the bed can be opened with a primer and a varnish.

The transformer usually develops in the afternoon thanks to what the place indoors is released. For such model on a wall the special frame where the put product is cleaned fastens. That the visible facade of a bed fitted into the general style of the room, it should be decorated. The sliding bed is executed from two parts. In process of growth of the child it can be extended. For this purpose in the lower part special castors are located. The two-story model is most often made for two children.

Vertical bars of a bed have to be such height that over the top plank bed it was possible to build sides and backs. The forward side of the lower circle most often becomes the removable. The protection of a crib is important means of safety. Its reliability should pay special attention. Protection boards are fastened to basic bars by self-tapping screws from the inside. Hats have to be screwed in completely in a tree. During production of a protection it is necessary to leave an aperture for steps.

That the sizes of a mattress and bed coincided, it is better to buy at first a mattress, and only after that to start drawings of a bed.

If you got wood material directly from a power-saw bench before starting production of details, it is necessary to sustain whetstones and boards about a week in that room in which there will be a made furniture. It is necessary in order that humidity of the room was made even to humidity of materials. Otherwise further some places of a bed can burst or be jarred on. When material gets the necessary parameters, boards and whetstones need to be zastrugat and carefully to grind.

From tools the drill, an electrofret saw and the Bulgarian will be necessary.