30 Outdoor Bench With Floating Night Stands

6 projects from one sheet

For independent production of a bench it is necessary to consider some simple rules: to choose wood only of high quality, without knots and, it is desirable, soft grades; not to forget to process it antiseptic structures.

We pass directly to production of a bench. First of all it is necessary to plan line between a seat and a back and to saw the pallet in two. Further both parts are fastened perpendicularly by means of additional boards. The basis of a bench is ready.

Does not raise doubts that shops and benches – necessary attribute of any country site. We bring to your attention some examples of how the bench for giving made the hands can not only present you comfort, but also decorate the yard.

Having made a few efforts, you too can create own masterpiece from unnecessary boards or stubs. Successful work and inspiration!

Having rooted out an old tree – do not hurry to throw out it. It still can serve you, having become the unusual bench giving comfort and surprising guests.

Then it is necessary to take two, longer boards and to connect them edge of a seat and top of a back for giving of a design of bigger reliability. So you will be able quietly to lean on a back, without being afraid that it will not sustain loading.

Circular shop under a tree – the beautiful vacation spot. Except a cozy shadow, it gives opportunities to sit down at once to a large number of people and is simple in production.