30 Ideas For The Woodworking Beginner

7 ways to make a wood mirror frame Understanding workbenches for christmas

After completion of dressing with effect of aging of a tree it is important to observe recommendations of experts. Correctly made old subjects do not assume difficult leaving.

The acrylic emulsion over a nitrovarnish too shrivels, but bursts not as a craquelure. It is impossible to call such cracks on unsuccessfully painted tree a semi-antique decor though in this posharpannost there is the charm. The passed sites when processing wood, strengthening wood texture wood stain or the combination of methods gives magnificent effect.

Over small defects with wax the colourless varnish is put. The part of pollution can be opened, having damaged protective varnishing – for bigger similarity to ancient things.

The original period furniture often looks adequately, but it cannot use because of decay. It is stored carefully to transfer to successors. The ancient furniture has many admirers. Today many designers, artists, decorators and masters a hand-meyd are fond of restoration of vintage subjects with effect of a sostarivaniye of structure of a tree acrylic paints.

The second stage – a covering cracks in the form of a characteristic small setochka.

Designers offer new methods of imitation of vintage furniture therefore many are interested how to paint a semi-antique tree. That the product looked as antiques, apply stage-by-stage technology. Each reception assumes application of special paint and varnish means and special technique of a sostarivaniye.

Pay attention on: Plywood painting: paint choice, preparation of plywood and process of coloring

All these ways help to create semi-antique unique subjects which are used in interiors with the special historical atmosphere.

The first stage – special mix shrivels under the influence of krakelyurny structure.

At contact of copper, brass and bronze with the damp environment oxidation is formed in the open air. By sight it is a curdled raid of dark green color. For obtaining similarity to a patina it is enough to get the structure of the same name.