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How to build a wooden box with ecosa Woodworking how to use a planer

Often for successful work some trifles can be demanded., It seems, and nonsense – yes without them far you will not leave. Store enough raskhodnik in a workshop: painting and bilateral adhesive tape, PVA glue, drills, emery paper.

Its cloth should not be long, but it is better that was wide, suitable for a pileniye up and down. Teeths 5 mm high can be considered optimum by the size, their form – an isosceles or equilateral triangle.

So, the following tool is necessary at the beginning.

Though it is possible to grind on the tape machine or a drill with a special nozzle – better than manual polishing anything is not present. It more slowly and heavier physically, but on a tree surface, but does not remain any scratches and traces.

Tree – live material which actively reacts to change of humidity in the surrounding atmosphere. Change of a season leads to that wood can both dry out, and to inflate. Wood changes the size, generally across fibers, and, to a lesser extent – along fibers. If not to consider influence of humidity on a tree, your already finished products can start bursting, cracking or jamming in mobile parts. All these problems can be avoided if it is simple to give to lie down at least to wood three days in your workshop. During this time the tree will get used to the atmosphere and will cease to be capricious.

The remarkable tool for deduction of preparations in one situation, is often used when pasting wooden elements among themselves. Clamps are fixed by means of adjusting screws and squeeze in the working planes of a detail. Clamps for the joiner do not happen much. They are applied often, sometimes break. Are made of plastic, a tree or metal.