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Using jigs to build a porch swing frame 7 tips for beginners 01

So, having decided on a form, the sizes, number of shelves and the location, it is possible to start a material choice. The most widespread and suitable material for this purpose is the tree. Besides it is possible to buy it practically everywhere. Here often apply such breeds as an oak, an ash-tree, an aspen, a beech or a pine. The last is the most inexpensive and simple in processing. It is best of all to buy the ground boards or furniture boards. It is necessary to take only the equal and well dried materials, otherwise the result can not meet expectations.

Thus, looking through photos, you will be able to decide on that model which will become the optimum decision for your apartment.

Despite esthetic pleasure which to you is brought by the pleasant case model, reflect on its functionality. Footwear — the constant source of dirt and moisture, respectively material of which the case is made should not to be afraid of water and it is easy to be cleaned. Modern models are made from a tree or qualitative plastic. Unique accessories as on a photo, will allow to make of an ordinary case for footwear with a mirror a work of art in your hall.

The obuvnitsa can settle down both along a wall, and in a corner. The angular and located lengthways walls of a product can have rectangular, triangular, semicircular or any other shape.

Very unusual option of a wooden obuvnitsa - her production from a pallet (wooden pallets). It is magnificent material for production of country furniture and various layfkhak. The pallet in itself is already ready element which needs to be cut off only by the size and to clean or hammer all sticking-out nails or self-tapping screws. Further it is necessary to process it an emery paper or the grinding machine. If there is a screw gun, the Bulgarian or a drill that, having bought a special nozzle with a flypaper, it is possible to use emery circles. It considerably will accelerate grinding process.

As width of an obuvnitsa will be 80 cm, it can be done without average partition. Further we mark the available boards and we twist a design self-tapping screws. That each element was integral, it can be stuck together previously from boards or to take ready furniture boards.

it is similar to a show-window, and his facade can be trimmed by both transparent glass, and opaque or deaf doors.

— will become excellent storage for seasonal footwear in apartments. The model is, as a rule, equipped with oar doors, and its functionality is provided with several internal regiments.