30 DIY Wood Project For Home Decor

Making bedinge chair no1 with ecosa 5 table saw tips for a porch swing

Achieve effect of a sostarivaniye by creation of an artificial roughness, attritions and patinating. Looking at such board, it is possible to think that on it went not one hundred years.

Selection – sorting of boards according to monotone degree, a way of a cut, drawing of wood and existence of knots, sapwoods. Most of producers subdivide massive boards into three categories:

In the conclusion It should be noted that regular and timely leaving as much as possible will prolong service life of a massive board with any type of a covering.

There are many options of dressing of a massive board. Carry to the most widespread types of finishing of wood:

The natural structure and time of wood is transferred, its warmth is felt

From the esthetic point of view of a facet emphasize borders of each board, creating effect of volume of a floor covering.