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As oils harden (will be polymerized) in the course of oxidation, reacting with oxygen, drying of products has to be made indoors with continuous air circulation.

It is not necessary to apply oil under direct influence of the sun since it will be absorbed too quickly that in turn will complicate repeated processing.

, received from seeds of the Chinese tung tree, effectively emphasizes texture of wood and forms a wearproof opaque covering. Process of drying takes about 24 hours. If linseed oil is suitable for restoration of old surfaces more, use of tung oil is more pertinent when finishing new products.

Reacting with oxygen, oils are oxidized. This process is followed by heating which can provoke self-ignition of cleaning fabric and other subjects used during works. Therefore never leave the rags impregnated with oil in the curtailed look: dry up them in developed on the street and only after that utilize. All subjects and materials (grinding felt, a dispenser, sponges and so forth) which came into contact with oil, it is necessary to store in the tight metal container.

If on a surface spots are formed, increase amount of the applied oil.

Oil and wood stain – not the best, but quite admissible combination. Any wood stain worsens absorbency of the subsequent structures since partially fills a time. In a combination with oils use only of wood stain on a water basis is allowed. Thus practice shows that more effective alternative to wood stain in this case are tonirovochny pastes for a kolerovaniye of oils.

– this boiled linseed oil. Due to presence at the structure of sikkativ – the catalysts accelerating drying, process of polymerization borrows no more than days that does this type of finishing is much more practical.

To give to structure more liquid consistence necessary for uniform distribution on a surface, put the container with oil in hot water. Avoid contact with naked flame.