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We made repair and now we will try to make a kitchen table the hands.

- high light resistance (paint practically does not fade, minor change of color happens only due to decolouration of a varnish);

Such whetstones it is applied and to visual increase in thickness of the cover of a table made of thick plywood. In a case when the cover of a kitchen table is made of a chipboard, for visual increase in its thickness (at desire), it is necessary to use levels,

As you can see to repair or do furniture by the hands absolutely simply, the main thing to have desire to create.

After drying of the painted details, slightly we grind them a small skin and we cover with an opaque furniture varnish, we fasten all details and we receive here such kitchen table.

The simplest options of production of a cover of a table (i.e. the most available ways for anyone to make repair or finishing of a kitchen table):

cut from a chipboard as wooden laths cannot be applied by no means, they

Processing of end faces of covers of a table for all options, almost, identical also consists in planing and grinding (after plastic gluing) with the subsequent finishing.

- a cover basis – thick 12 (or more) millimetric plywood of average quality. The party with the best quality of a surface – the lower party of preparation, becomes covered by a varnish or paint in one – two layers. To the top party layer plastic is pasted.

- we carry out audit of a cover. If it became useless, its basis can be made thick plywood, new from a leaf, a chipboard or planed boards with the subsequent covering wearproof material – plastic.

Note: It is impossible to apply oil paint in can packaging as it is intended for outline works and has more coarse grinding, and we need transparency.

- painting speed, in comparison with use of wood stain, above several times;