18 Ideas For Home With Wood

How to build an epic work desk for under $75 Workbench with free model and cutlist

The following stage sawed a board for the bench and a back, it was necessary to dismiss a board in half that such dosochka because two wide (150 mm) did not look at all would turn out.

Further to this bench, I made also a table the hands, and then one more bench, only I will fish without back as with a back, for washing 3*3 meters this was too big and not convenient.

The rear view, here too my mistake though to correct it was not difficult.

but it is not important, after all not to take it to us in a campaign, what at a fire to sit.

Aggregated two bases and a seat, I will tell at once collected everything on black self-tapping screws, it was the mistake, but others were not, after drying the shop started dangling, besides in washing, black self-tapping screws started rusting and painting a tree, it was necessary to cover with dark wood stain, it is better to use yellow self-tapping screws, and to twist them not from the face, and from below and if are sure that to sort any more do not awake, collect on ersheny or screw nails (them even frame houses collect)

I made it not at once, but after changes, the shop ceased to shake, and I did without additional struts.

After building there were many scraps of a board of 50*150 mm, they can be applied to construction of various street and bathing furniture, such as shops and tables. I decided to make this bench for a bath which was only constructed, in a sink it is simply necessary. From the moment of construction of this bench with a back, passed about two years, a state at it excellent, the only minus — it rather heavy.