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5 tools to making a bed with storage drawers easy

Pay attention! If there is an opportunity, it is better to use a stationary milling cutter, but works for it will be a little.

One more option of a convenient, practical and inexpensive bed - folding. It practically does not take a place in the room and is made of available material - plywood.

So, the bed for the kid is ready, and we need only to lay in it earlier bought matrasik.

As for dressing, here you are not limited in the imagination. For this purpose it is worth using both multi-colored tapes, and textiles (it is possible to make bed curtains of it), and difficult structures for an artificial sostarivaniye of wood.

In spite of the fact that the crib from a tree does not differ in complexity of a design, joiner's tools nevertheless will be necessary for us for its production. Of course, each master but if something from the listed is absent has majority of them — it it is necessary either to buy that, or to take in I rent

Pay attention! For whetstones and laths it is best of all to take as much as possible strong wood, for example, a beech or an oak.

Besides, work will be impossible without the accompanying materials:

When our crib from a natural tree is ready, it should be decorated.

Naturally, production of such bed – rather difficult process to undertake for which it is worth after thorough preparation. So if earlier you did not face furniture works, we recommend to study the technique described in article attentively.

Council! For more reliable fixing it is worth fixing in addition a frame the through self-tapping screws twirled through cross-pieces in backs.