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Dressing and design of a desk lamp about which there is a speech, begins with cutting of wooden fragments. I do not know, how for others, but for me this occupation the most favourite.

It is better to put the processed fragments in a box not to lose and to mix with even not ready products. I used the grinding machine but if at you that was not, it is necessary to be content with a usual emery paper that also considerably will slow down process.

First of all I thought that for acceleration of creation of a desk lamp it is better to use superglue, but it was the mistake which to you should not be repeated. The matter is that this structure very badly holds fragments together, one awkward movement and all framework of the lamp shade of a desk lamp will simply be scattered on components.

After completion of cutting of wooden fragments it is necessary to be engaged in polishing of each side, at me on it 4 hours and a lot of patience left, but believe, the result is worth it. The main thing – to do short breaks and constantly to warm up hands – then you will be tired less.

For production of this subject of an interior it will not be required qualification or a wealth of experience. You also should not spend money for acquisition of elements of a design. Everything that will be required is many wooden cubes, glue and a droplet of patience.

I gave a master class in production of a desk lamp the hands below.

The first that I made is exposed a stop through each 30 millimeters that it was not necessary to do every time measurements. As a result at me about 300 cubes from two long levels turned out.

If you do not have a special tool, process of production of wooden fragments will a little be dragged out. I spent for cutting of all wooden fragments about an hour.