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Linseed oil – the natural substance received by a cold or hot extraction of linen seeds. Pure oil can be used as an independent finishing covering, but in the raw state it is inefficient, because of low ability to polymerization (drying).

Over time the varnish bursts, oil always in perfect tune

One of widespread ways of protection is the wood covering oil. The substance gets deep into fibers and impregnates structure of a surface on all area. This method is suitable as for usual breeds of a tree (an oak, a nut, an ash-tree) and exotic.

The main advantage of structure is that it is very easy to be applied on a wooden subject, it gives the chance to perform work quickly. As a part of such means only natural components therefore impregnation is considered safe for health, and environmentally friendly are used.

Such impregnation not only advantages possesses, is at it and some shortcomings;

The covering oil of a tree possesses a number of advantages in comparison with which too often is used for impregnation.

Processing wooden products pure linseed oil, it is necessary to be ready not only to long drying which can take up to 3 days (on each layer), but also to know a number of important features. The crude product is actively absorbed in structure of a tree therefore the wood covering linseed oil should be made in 5-7 and more layers. Drying outside, it will badly be polymerized inside because of what the product dry by sight can leave oil spots for a long time. Influence of an ultraviolet significantly accelerates drying process. On the sun the processed wood can dry in 6-8 hours, but tone of a covering will change: it will become yellowish or even slightly brown.

It is necessary to begin finishing at once and cleaning when a time of a tree is open. It will provide fast absorption and deeper penetration of oil:

The surface of a floor is subjected to polishing, for this purpose use a different emery paper. Means for polishing should not have a small granular surface, otherwise motes will hammer a tree time. After that the surface of a floor is zashpaklevyvat, that is close everything fixture, and major defects, and then apply wax oil. It becomes by means of a soft brush, work is expedited very much to avoid a clear boundary between dabs.