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The main requirements to children's furniture — reliability, durability, safety, is important also esthetic appeal. To make the hands a convenient and safe bed on 2 berths, it is necessary to calculate its sizes correctly.

If a large family, it is also necessary to place more than two children, it is possible to put 2 two-story designs that the bedfoot of one adjoined to a headboard another along a long wall.

If you plan to make a bunk bed the hands, it is necessary to calculate amount of materials and to buy them. But for a start it is necessary to think over, in what place there will be a level design, to decide on its sizes and to develop drawings in different projections or to outline schematic sketches.

Less often decisions in which there is no connection of two circles among themselves meet, top fastens directly to a wall, and lower in this case it is possible to make mobile, having equipped with furniture castors. But it is less reliable option, on such decision it is possible to stop if the level design settles down near a strong bearing wall.

But it is better to choose for production as the hands the simplest designs. They can be made with the minimum expenses and without excess efforts.

For determination of the internal sizes of a box it is necessary to add to the sizes of a mattress on 2 cm from each party, then it will be convenient to fill linen. At calculation of height of circles it is necessary to consider age and growth of children.

For placement three perhaps alternative decision: a bunk bed with an occasional sliding berth.

The exclusive level children's furniture is sometimes made out in the form of the car, the fantastic lock, a doll lodge. It is possible to add it with a hill and a rope, to make sideways leaders on the top of a step, and in a porch to equip lockers or drawers.