10 How To Make Mirror Stand Out Of Pallet Wood

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As for boards, below, on the first floor these elements are not necessary. On the second circle it is possible to make on two sides — on a facade and from end faces. On back part of a bed it is enough to make only one crossbeam, after all there all the same there will be a room wall.

You should not forget that beautiful mattresses are necessary for a children's bunk bed. They cost expensive, of course. If similar mattresses appear it is too expensive, it is possible to get simple option with a wadded filler.

Before works it is better to spread out all materials in separate piles, uniting by types and standard sizes.

For a start it is necessary to varnish a tree. Better for this purpose to use opaque a covering as the glossy gives old times. It is possible to use inexpensive wood stain instead of a varnish. She well emphasizes structure of a tree. The covering is put with a simple brush.

Self-tapping screws will be enough on 100 grams of each of two standard sizes — 80 mm long for the main fastenings and 35 mm long for small things.

Besides wooden details it is necessary to use metal corners and self-tapping screws. At this design of 8 knots of connection of the most powerful beams with a section of 4060 mm. For each such element it is necessary to use on 2 corners.

For assembly of so difficult, apparently, design, only the minimum set of ordinary tools is necessary.

It is easy to consider that from each whetstone of standard length of 2 m it will turn out (0,633=1,89) on 3 steps. Means, all these elements require 2 beams. Total, on a ladder we use 3 whetstones with a section of 3040 mm of standard length of 2 m.

It is already possible to use a bed, but it is better to issue still in addition it to avoid feeling as if something is not enough.

But besides painting it will be quite good to attach any facade on sides under color of the furniture occupying a nursery. Any universal option will approach. The sizes of a facade have to be such that all sides hid behind this detail. It is best of all if it is possible to pick up decorative laminated by a chipboard with a curve.