10 How To Build Lockers For A Mudroom

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A lot of glue does not need to be put as surplus will be squeezed out outside and it it is necessary to wipe at once. If not to make it, when drying glue the film through which the tree will not be able to become impregnated with wood stain or a varnish is formed. The so-called white bald spot will turn out.

Process of a stretch of leatherette not to tell that simple, but also not such difficult.

We wrap leatherette on the face party and we fix self-tapping screws. Then slightly we press down the sheet chipboard in the middle and with a small stretch we fix leatherette on the opposite side of a leaf. We look that edges were identical height.

If you want that the bench had a shade of other breed of a tree, for example, a nut, an oak, a larch, cherry, etc., in the beginning the surface is painted with the wood stain imitating color of this breed and after drying the tree becomes covered by a varnish or drying oil. As a rule, wood stain is caused in 3-4 layers with the subsequent drying between layers not less than 30 minutes. For a varnish there are enough two layers, and for drying oil of one layer.

If you like virgin color of a tree, accepts it breed, or such the interior in a hall to the room demands, a framework at once cover with drying oil or is delicious.

Now, when the framework of a bench is completely built, we note all joints at the numbers and carefully we sort a framework that to glue all connections for durability.

In this case diameter 10mm zasverlivay an opening about one centimeter in depth and utaplivay a head inside, thereby, on one centimeter we extend with a drill an exit of carving part.

As I pulled leatherette the first time, I do not apply for correctness of this process. I will only show how did itself. You can apply or think up the option of a stretch.

On a floor we display leatherette, a pile we stack foam rubber on it and from above we put the sheet chipboard.

It is also possible to get a varnish with the ready color imitating this or that breed of a tree. In this case the surface becomes covered at once by a varnish with the subsequent drying between layers. Regulate quantity of layers independently.

Still there will be some connections where there will be no length of the pulling together screw.

PVA glue coated each joint, allow glue to dry out 2 — 3 minutes, and then densely we pull together details with screws.