10 DIY Furniture Ideas For Yout Garden

Diy floating pallet bed frame with support frame

I can offer still such option, it is similar slightly to a vase.

From it would seem such usual box from under eggs it is possible to put the next souvenir too.

I will begin with perhaps with egg, namely from a support or a cover even I do not know as well as more correct to be expressed. But, I can tell one that it is possible to connect such charm a hook literally for an hour. And too to please others. Threads it is necessary absolutely slightly.

To cut out imitation of a grass from any materials or papers. It is possible also live to decorate.

Well, and for those who in a subject, look that the great network of the Internet offers us, to make such nice chicken.

Also I very much like this bird's family of chickens. It is possible to hide them pisanka.

Or connect a chickabiddy who will decorate to you a holiday table.

4. After follow these actions. It is necessary to buy or most to make a bow and plus the handle.

Do even of a cord, hiding it in multi-colored fabric.

It is possible to take usual threads, it is desirable more thickly and to wrap up them any glass or capacity.

Or to connect tacks on which to arrange a Kulichiki.

Will be very surprised if still look at this miracle.

There is a lot of options, it is possible also most to think up, something unusual.

And beautiful this hand-made article from beads looks extremely elegant.

If you in knitting the beginner, can use such hand-made article — a support under egg.

Or here such. As it abruptly, and, above all that will make everything independently.

Or here such with a grass, it is necessary to cut a form from under eggs.