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A total beginner's guide to make timber mouldings 7 essential power tools for under $50

On a circular table with the mobile carriage we cut off boards in the necessary size on length according to the drawing.

By tape car we apply granularity of P80, on eccentric — P120.

Assembly of the case it is made on glue. We apply it in grooves of one of walls, on end faces of a bottom and top of the case, the central motionless shelf.

It is better to delete surplus of glue at once with a wet rag or after partial drying (1–2 h) to cut off a chisel. Otherwise it is possible to remove completely dried glue with the tape grinder.

The eaves are made of an integral piece of a lath not less than 1,2 m long by galtelny mills with a diameter of 25 and 19 mm.

Having the necessary tool, a filenchaty case for kitchen to make of solid pine independently simply. A natural tree furniture safer, more beautiful and is more durable, than from the laminated chipboard. The step-by-step master class is given in the first part of article how to make the case case.

It is more convenient to grind internal sides of the case, and also both surfaces of the central shelf before assembly.

We mark and cut off on length with a stock 2–3 cm of 8 boards on width of a locker and 4 on height.

The stuck together boards it is banished from two parties through a surface gage.

The initial stage consists of whizzing and a reysmusovaniye of a pine board. If boards on length equal, it is possible to proreysmusovat simply from two parties.

After drying of glue we grind external surfaces of the case.

Preparations it is stuck together in pairs by D3 glue, evenly distributing it on a longitudinal side of a board (fugue) a brush or the wooden pallet.

Further we expose a gap between a saw disk and an emphasis about 2-3 mm, spent on drink depth — on 10 mm.

Reysmusuyem all volume of a pine board is 10025 mm in one thickness of 18-20 mm. Further on the electrojointer plane with a high perpendicular emphasis it is whized longitudinal sides.

We make a cut from the inside along back sides of walls of the case. The received side is cut off by a sharp knife. We lift a saw on the full spent on drink, without changing the provision of a ruler. We cut off a strip from internal shelves.