10 DIY Furniture Ideas For A Screw

Workbench with rob cosman Ancient egyptian wooden lock from scrap

For a seat it is more preferable to use wooden boards which before fastening it is necessary to process, walk an emery paper.

. On a pipe length 1500mm on each side in one direction welds tubes on 440 mm. Then this preparation is welded on rectangular part of a bench.

The design is ready, it is necessary to jam welding seams, to polish and cover a bench with a primer.

For convenience before works it is better to draw the drawing, to choose the interesting size and to buy the boards suitable by the size. If such opportunity is not present, it is necessary to use an electric fret saw or a saw, and independently to prepare bench elements.

Most often two kinds of the wooden benches executed by the hands meet: a bench ordinary and a bench with a back.

To similarly described actions, it is possible to make simpler bench without back. For it we need everything too most, except boards 90sm going on back legs, instead two more boards 36sm in length. It gathers by the same principle, as a bench with a back.

Preparations for back legs need to be finished, having given them the correct form.

On completion of installation works, we process a wooden covering a varnish.

To make a bench of metal and a tree it is much more difficult, than simply from a tree, but it looks stronger and more solidly.

We cut out a pipe on 4 parts: 2 on 1500 mm, 2 on 400 mm. We weld in the form of a rectangle.

Having prepared all necessary materials, it is possible to start business.

The legs which are in combination also a support for a back, we process the grinder

For giving of rigidity between legs (inside on a diagonal) and to sitting it is possible to weld additional edges of metal on a back.

The most difficult and important is the cut, it has to be equal on both preparations by the size and depth.