10 Amazing Projects Made From 2х4с

Woodworking how to make a kneeling chair

In this section we will offer some options which are used everywhere.

That is an integral part of kitchen set – correctly, hinged cases. They are used in the most various way: for drying of ware, for storage of various products, for the built-in extract and many other things.

Note! We do not offer natural facades because of strongly high cost and low resistance of materials to temperature fluctuations (on a photo).

It will cost dearer, than to do a cut by the hands an electrofret saw, however quality will be several times higher.

Tree whimsical material, but, you see, the very beautiful

Note! The choice has to be obvious – LDSP but if the kitchen is necessary for you for the country house, safely choose plywood or a chipboard. In such purposes you will save a lot of money, thereby will be able to get high-quality finishing.

Here also we reached the section where it will be described how to collect a hinged case for kitchen the hands.

Note! If wooden, one screw gun to twist self-tapping screws in a tree without expansion bolt shields suffices wall.

First of all – free the room that did not stir anything to you, spread out materials tools so that everything was within walking distance.

Whether it is possible to make such module independently, without resorting to the help of the expensive organizations?